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Colleges with The Best Food

I’ll bet that most high school students researching prospective colleges don’t give a lot of (or any) thought to how good a college’s food program is as one of their selection criteria. When you think about it, food quality is a very important aspect of college life.

Many high schoolers come from homes where good meals are a matter of routine. They tend to take to take delicious, healthy eating for granted. Some may even have the skills to prepare their own good eating. The problem comes in when they leave home and are at the mercy of their college’s cooks and kitchen.

With the cost of higher education at all-time record highs, one would think that good eating on campus these days is a given. That’s wishful thinking, unfortunately. I could bore you, as I usually do, with The Tales of Dave, looking back across the eons to my college daze. I recall that in a former article about college dining, I mentioned the name of the gentleman in charge of food service at my small liberal arts college, a Mr. Bloodgood. That moniker conjures unfortunate images.

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