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College vs. The Real World

Those of you high school seniors who will be embarking on your college years starting this fall need to ponder a common exclamation that you'll hear as you traverse those halls of ivy. "Just wait until you get out into the real world!" will be hurtled at you by those who are already in the real world. This should immediately make you ask, "Well, what is it about the real world that makes it so different from life here at college?"

Well, remember Raymond "Ray" Stantz, Ph.D from the movie Ghostbusters? Ray was a scientist who, in his esteemed career, avoided climbing the corporate ladder, which so many new college grads aspire to tackle. Perhaps his most cogent insight came when he proclaimed, "I've worked in the private sector. They expect results!" This wisdom is a prime key to understanding the difference between college and the real world.

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