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College Visits for High School Juniors

As the first day of spring arrives, anxious high school seniors hold their breath and await the verdicts from the colleges to which they have applied. Sometimes the arrival of the mail (either the "snail" or "e" version) can be a traumatic experience. I recall when my son received his tiny envelope from his Early Action (first-choice) college in December. He had heard that "fat envelope = good" and "thin envelope = bad" (this was before email notification). He got a very small, thin envelope. Our hearts sank when we pulled it from the mailbox because his parents knew about the fat-small thing too.

Our son took the envelope into his bedroom when he arrived home from school and lingered a long while there. Of course Mom and Dad were going nuts waiting for his news. Eventually, he emerged from his room and simply said, "Well, I'm going!" Yippee! He had beaten the thin-envelope curse. The simple letter was headed with just one simple, bold word: "Yes!" So, he got in. But, he had to visit. And this is the topic which I'd like to discuss today, now that "Yes!" season is near. College visits: To trod the sod.

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