About College Visits

Okay, you rising high school seniors (and parents thereof). School is finally out (at least I hope it is). You've left that crucial junior year behind and now summer looms. So, what's on your agenda for these almost three months of hopefully nice weather? If college visits aren't part of your summer plans, they should be. I've coined a phrase that I use frequently when advising prospective applicants and their Moms and Dads about the necessity to visit colleges before applying: “You've got to trod the sod!"

Spending four years and likely many thousands of dollars on a college education is not something to be taken lightly. Landing on the wrong campus, with a bad “fit," can be sheer misery, so take the college visit requirement seriously.

For those of you parents with children who are about to enter their senior high school year, your summer plans should include visits to candidate colleges. The summer is a great time to do some investigation of where your kids might like to go to school.

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