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CollegeView Site Map

I'm a big fan of Website maps. They're usually found via an almost invisible link at the very bottom of a Website's home page.

Since my blog here is parked on the's Website, I thought I would enlighten you with the many great aspects it (CollegeView) offers. If you're a high school student involved (or about to get involved) in the college process, you can't do better than start your journey through that sometimes very confusing maze at CollegeView (and, of course, College Confidential).

So, here's what CollegeView's site map looks like. Take some time and explore those sections that grab your interest right away.


College Search

Admit This! Expert Opinions on the College Admission Process

College Scholarships, Financial Aid & Grants

College Admission Guide

Campus Life

Careers & Majors

Guide to Christian Colleges

Guide to HBCUs

Community Colleges Search

College Blogs, Podcasts, Videos & Life Quotes

Parents Section

Counselors Section

Additional Information

Quite comprehensive, huh? Enjoy! Learn!


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