College Tips for Future Translator

Question: I want to study translation (where you translate documents from one language to another). But I don't know which schools offer this. Is there another way that this is said? I would feel honored if you answered my question. Thank you.

You'll find a lot of information about your intended career field in this article from the U.S. Bureau of Labor statistics:

As you'll see when you read it, you will need to be fluent in at least two languages, but you don't necessarily have to formally study translation in college. However, a number of colleges and universities do offer a major in Language Translation/Interpretation. To find such schools that meet your other preferences as well, do a search on College Confidential's SuperMatch. ( and the College Board's Matchmaker (

If no colleges come up on your "Results" lists, try varying other preferences (size, location, etc.)

This article provides a list of the “top" 10 translation graduate and certificate programs: (Some of these schools offer undergraduate programs as well).

Extensive foreign language skills will come in handy if you pursue this career, but also familiarity with another area (e.g., law, science, economics) can enhance your demand as a translator.

Good luck! Veel geluk! Edu! Gangi þér vel! Bonne chance! Удачи! Ngikufisela iwela!

(posted 11/3/2011)