College Suggestions for High-Achieving Hispanic Student

Question: I am an Hispanic (Dominican) male attending high school in New Jersey. I will be finishing junior year with approximately a 4.25 GPA and will continue taking 5 AP course senior year. My ACT scores are between 27-31. I am in the National Honor Society, will be a 4 year member of Future Business Leaders of America, and have performed professionally in prestigious New York City venues. I want to know what my "target" schools should be. What kind of schools should I have a good chance of getting into on the East Coast? Also, what is my likelihood (your expert opinion) of being admitted into an Ivy-League University, such as Brown or Yale? (I have no legacy). Thank you so much, and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Ordinarily, "The Dean" does not provide "Chances" assessments or college recommendations . For starters, it's irresponsible to do so without a lot more information and, above all, I would be swamped with queries if I did.

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