College Suggestions for EDM/DJ'ing?

Question: I have a senior struggling with plans after grad. He has a passion and talent for EDM music and DJ-ing. I want him to have some business background but follow his music passion. What do you think? Ideas for schools? Thanks.

“The Dean" does not do this sort of college counseling, especially when the query includes so little information about the student's academic background and preferences. If the word got out that I was suggesting specific colleges, I would be swamped with such requests. (Well, come to think of it, I already am.) 😉

BUT … if you haven't done so already, you might want to check out the Music Major section of the College Confidential discussion forum. See

There are specific threads on the music business, composition, etc. An example of one thread that you might find helpful is here:

And also this one:

Have you or your son played around yet with College Confidential's SuperMatch? First go to: Then your son can enter his preferences for size, location, etc. as well as his GPA and test scores. Under the “Majors" heading he can type in “Music" and then check off as many specific music-related options as he wants (e.g., “Music Technology," “Music Management," “Music Theory and Composition.") The “Results" list may point him in some directions he hadn't previously considered. (If he decides he doesn't want to actually major in music, identifying colleges with these programs will help him find colleges that offer classes that interest him, even if he ultimately chooses a different concentration.)

Finally, if you are willing to spend a little money ($150) for a more personalized list of target colleges, then you might want to consider a “Stats Evaluation" from College Karma.

SHAMELESS PLUG ALERT: College Karma is a business I co-founded in 2008 with my College Confidential colleague Dave Berry. The Stats Eval–-along with other College Karma counseling services-–used to be provided by College Confidential. But when CC was acquired by Hobsons in 2008, we split into two separate enterprises.

You can read about the Stats Eval near the top of the page here: As I said above, it's $150, and I assure you that you will get your money's worth. After your son completes and submits the Stats Evaluation form, he will receive an assessment of his admission chances at all the colleges he listed on the form along with suggestions of ways to improve those chances. The Eval report also provides the names of other colleges to consider that should meet his profile and preferences.

I think that the Stats Evaluation will help to point you and your son in the right direction, making sure that his list includes a reasonable balance of “Reach," “Realistic" and “Safe" colleges. However, time is of the essence (music programs in particular can have some unique requirements that other majors may not, although I realize that your son may not want to major in music but only wants to study it in conjunction with other areas).

Finally, keep in mind that, regardless of what your son studies, most college communities … at least the residential ones … should provide plenty of opportunities for your son to indulge his musical interests outside of the classroom as well as in it.