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College Sports: A Magnificent Obsession

The outcomes of the Penn State-Jerry Sandusky child abuse tragedy have brought us closer to understanding that hero worship and sports idolatry can take some people right off the pier of rational thought. Unless you just parachuted in from another solar system, you no doubt know that Penn State University has been devastated by the saga of former assistant football coach, Jerry Sandusky's, decades-long molestation of young boys. In case you have just parachuted in, simply go to your favorite Web search engine and enter Penn State Sandusky and see what links appear.

The micro-nutshell of this horrendous episode is that Sandusky, now a convicted child molester, carried on his criminal activities over at least two decades, and the powers in charge at Penn State--the president, athletic director, a vice-president in charge of campus security, and the head football coach--all (allegedly, some still say) knew that Sandusky had performed some of his crimes on the Penn State campus and those four chose to do nothing to stop him. Why? All to protect the image of the university and, especially, the gigantic cash cow of the football team.

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