Paying for College

Nine College Scholarships Students Can Apply to this April

Whether your financial aid package for next year came up a little short or you're planning out your budget for college in the future, there's never a bad time to research scholarships and apply for more money for school. There are scholarships available for students starting as early as middle school all the way up through graduate school.

Big-name scholarships with large cash prizes are certainly worth applying for, but don't overlook smaller scholarships. Smaller scholarships often have an easier application and less-rigorous selection process. And while $500 or $1000 might not seem like a lot compared to the total cost of college, every little bit helps chip away at the costs associated with college. Be on the lookout for scholarships that are geared specifically towards students with your interests or background. High school juniors and seniors who are planning or finalizing their budgets for college may be especially interested in these nine scholarships with deadlines coming up in April 2021.

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