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For all you high school seniors who may still be working on your college process, and for you juniors who will be entering the college application arena next year, I thought I would point out an important sister site of College Confidential's: As described on parent company, Hobsons, Web site, “Using CollegeView's smart matching technology, students can search for schools, rank their preferences, view media-rich profiles, and engage with college and university representatives of choice via multiple communication channels, including social media platforms, direct links, and more."

Let's not forget you parents, too. Here's an excerpt from an important CollegeView article, Paying for College: Past, Present, and Future: Strategies to help fund your student's college education:

… Paying for college from past income means that you have planned ahead and saved for your children's education. Clearly, this is the preferred way. If you have been fortunate enough to build up a sizable pot of money for your family's upcoming college expenses, then you are smart, good at generating income, and probably pretty frugal too. Congratulations, and let the draw-down begin!

Now, what about the other 90-plus percent of you who will be relying on present and future income of you and your children to pay for their college expenses? What are some smart strategies that you can employ? …

And what about Scholarship Scams: Raising money for college while avoiding common scholarship scams:

When you are looking to raise money for college, you can be in a somewhat vulnerable position. After all, when you want something, it's not long before a scammer can come along and promise to deliver.

As such, there are many common scholarship scams out there that aim to take advantage of well-intended students who are simply looking for ways to pay for college. Fortunately, many of these scholarship scams have similar and recognizable traits. Indeed, spotting scholarship scams might be the first valuable lesson a college-bound student ever learns. …

This is just scratching the service of this tremendously helpful Web site. Since my blog here is parked on CollegeView, I thought I would enlighten you with a linked listing of the many great aspects CollegeView offers. As I mentioned, if you're a high school student involved (or about to get involved) in the college process, you can't do better than start your journey through that sometimes very confusing maze at CollegeView (and, of course, College Confidential).

So, here are all the various CollegeView categories. Take some time and explore those sections that grab your interest by making a simple click.


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