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College Rankings: The Exceptional & The Train Wrecks

It's that time of year again. College rankings come out. Of course, the Big Daddy of college rankings is the highly controversial U.S. News edition, which debuts late summer every year. This year, though, there may be a new contender for controversy: the rankings. Why so controversial? Well, how about this statement about one of U.S. News' perennial top liberal arts colleges, Amherst College, in Massachusetts:

One teacher says, “The most impressive part of Amherst is the intellectual caliber of the faculty and student body. The most disappointing things about Amherst are its cultural degeneration (as shown by its 'Orgasm Workshops'), arrogance, elitism, and stifling political correctness." Leftist clubs abound, but if there are any conservative groups on campus, they are meeting in catacombs. Crime is rare. Admissions are need-blind and Amherst meets the need of most students.

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