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If you're a high school student, or the parent of a high school student, trying to figure out what colleges might be the best for you or your child to consider, the wonderful world of college rankings may appear to be a good place to start your search for candidates. To see just how daunting — and confusing — searching the rankings can be, just go to your favorite search engine and enter “college rankings." You'll be amazed at how many types of rankings are out there.

Of course, the (arguably, perhaps) best know rankings are those published every late summer by U.S. News. Love 'em or hate 'em, they are the ones that high schoolers drool over and parents scratch their heads over. Some colleges even commit technical crimes (numerical manipulation) in order to climb a rung or two on the old U.S. Newsrankings ladder.

After surveying the myriad versions of other people's opinions about which are the “best" colleges, one would think that all avenues of ranking criteria have been exhausted. Not so fast there!

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