College Options for Average Student

Question: My child, a junior, has average grades (3.5) and an average ACT score (22). He is, however, a very accomplished musician in honors bands and orchestras. He has also held leadership positions and has volunteered with at-risk students for several years. He was hoping to go to a liberal arts college out of state with a geographically diverse student body. However, looking at the admission criteria, it doesn't appear that he will get into any of them. Is he destined to go to a state college? Thanks!

Your son will have lots of college choices. While his grades and ACT score may keep him out of some of the schools that are most sought-after by prestige-conscious parents and students, he will be in the running at many excellent liberal arts colleges. (Don't discount state schools either. While your son may not be excited about the more local options, there may be others that might appeal to him.)

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