College Options for 23-year-old with no SAT/ACT

Question: I'm 23 and didn't take the SAT/ACT, but want to apply to a university! What should I do?

Throughout High School, I worked a part time job to help support my family who struggled financially and never found the time for my studies or ever had time to study for the SAT/ACT so I never took it. Along with that, my graduating GPA suffered traumatically (less than 2.0)With that being said, I am now 23 and finally stable enough to attend college. While community college is an option, I very much rather go to school at a university for the reason of being further away from home with no distractions following me. However, the university I would like to attend requires an SAT/ACT score and a GPA requirement that I do not meet. What can I do to make this dream of going to a university a reality? Thanks ahead of time.

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