Paying for College

A College Money-Saving Challenge

I saw an interesting statistic the other day. It said (quoting here), “a budget of $6,803 (which is the average a student spends) to use for the semester …” There weren’t any qualifiers with that, but I assume that it doesn’t include any school-related fees such as tuition, room and board. The statistic came from a Web site called The Rented Life. It’s part of a challenge issued by On the site, a college student, David Levitz, “has been challenged to save as much money as he can for a semester by Book Renter. He has been given a budget of $6,803 (which is the average a student spends) to use for the semester [that’s the statistic I cited above] and whatever he has left over he gets to keep.” Sounds interesting.

David sounds interested and says, “Hey! I’m David. I’m going to rent, bargain, and borrow everything for an entire semester. Follow my adventures on my YouTube, Instagram and Twitter handles and see if I can do it” A clever promotion, but that’s not the point, in my view. The point, I think, is to see just how creative ol’ Dave can be and how that may be of benefit those of you high school seniors who, a year from now, will be on campus spending your and your parents’ money. I’m still a little shaky about that $6,803 number, but we’ll see what evolves.


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