Preparing for College

Why College? Money or Knowledge?

Why do you want to go to college? Why did you go to college? What is the purpose of college?

These are not idle questions. I often look back to the days when I was making a decision about going to college. I’ve thought about my decision-making process and wondered if I had dreams of becoming rich, developing a special level of knowledge in a particular field, or just going because it was the thing to do. The answer, which isn’t all that unusual for an 18-year-old, is that I went to college because I was recruited for a sport: tennis. Back in my day, at my high school, if you were recruited for a sport other than football or basketball, that was remarkable. It was hard to resist a situation like that because you had ideals about some other path through (or reason to go) to college.

Originally, I wanted to go to a tech school. I took an admissions test for a place called Computer Systems Institute and was admitted. This was back in the days when mainframe computers were the size of small houses and generated enough heat to melt glaciers. I often wonder how my life’s path would have developed had I moved onto the (almost)  “ground floor” of the computer era. It wasn’t to be, though. I went to a four-year college, played my tennis, and followed the long and winding road that brought me to where I am today began.

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