College Mistakenly Bumps Up GPA

Question: I was admitted to my first choice university less than a week after I applied, and I accepted their admission offer. However their honors program is a separate application, and as I was applying for honors, I noticed that they used my weighted GPA as my unweighted GPA. (Ex. [not my actual gpa] instead of 4.0/6.0, they put 4.0/4.0) This was an error on their part and not mine, but I don't know whether I should tell them or not. I'm afraid of having my admission rescinded due to a mistake on their end. What should I do? My GPA is lower than the minimum for their Honors program, but I will still attend the school if I don't get into Honors.

Congratulations on your acceptance and also on being honest enough to be worried about this apparent GPA snafu.  From the way you ask the question, it doesn't sound like you're worried about your acceptance to the university itself being rescinded, only your potential Honors acceptance (right)?

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