Paying for College

College Meals Cost Budgeting

Parents, if you think your college student is eating all his or her meals in the college dining hall, you're sadly mistaken. You may recall some of my ravings here about those very special nights when I was in college (yes, that was back well before all the planets in our solar system were formed) when my roommate and I would stroll across the street to the Hilltop Sub Shop (HSS) for one of their world-class steak sandwiches. Why was this event so special?

Well, we both would have just received money from home. I would get a letter in the mail that contained a five dollar bill. That was back in the days when most postal employees could be trusted to deliver cash in the mail. My roommate, coming from the Philadelphia Main Line, would get a TEN dollar bill. On those outstanding mail days, we would feel like millionaires (in those olden days when being a millionaire really meant something). Anyway, even as I wrote above, we weren't eating all our meals in the dining hall.

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