College Majors: Not A Minor Decision

For those of you newly minted high school graduates who are headed to college, here are some questions for you: Have you decided in what area you will major? What will be your program of emphasis? Will you go with your heart or your head when deciding? Who might be influencing your choice? Your friends? Your parents? Lots of questions, with much riding on your answers.

The pendulum for higher-education-bound students today seems to be swinging in the so-called “pre-professional" direction. That means that many incoming college first-year students are thinking about the employment light at the end of the college-degree tunnel. They're focusing on getting the most direct, practical, hands-on skill set possible to present to prospective employers. As I've mentioned before here, this is not a bad philosophy. However, you may recall that, above, I give a nod to making a choice between one's head and heart. What does that mean?

Well, speaking from personal experience, when I entered my freshman year of college, my goal was to become a writer, but back in those days (shortly after The Big Bang), there were no writing-specific majors at the school I attended. Thus, I wrestled with the head-heart issue. My head won out and I signed up for Business Administration, which included those dreaded accounting courses. Yuck! I discovered after only a few balance sheets that my heart was right and that my head was dwelling in a dark, highly confined space, if you get my drift.

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