College Majors and "Deskless" Careers

When high school students try to project themselves into a picture of doing their life's work, what do they see? In my opinion, I think many, if not a majority of them, picture themselves in a career that allows them "freedom to roam." Throughout the decades of my life's works (note the plural form), I have been saddled to a desk a number of times. "Desk jobs" don't seem to mesh with the majority of today's young people. At least that has been my observation.

In my view, the one element that seems to be missing from high schoolers, and even college students, is repose. There seems to be a kind of kinetic frenzy that compels today's youth to remain in constant motion. Medically, one might link this tendency to the proliferation of hyperactivity disorders, ADHD and the like. I can't document why that is. However, getting back to the issue of anticipating a life's work, one might easily see young people dreaming about jobs where they are relatively unfettered, not lashed to a desk for 40-some hours a week, crunching numbers, grinding out reports, and answering phone calls. The movie Office Space comes to mind.

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