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College Knowledge vs. Job Skills

There's a relatively new study out that says many employers believe colleges aren't adequately preparing students for jobs. In other words, college graduates lack real-world job skills. Hmm. If I were a parent (or a debt-burdened student) forking over tens of thousands of dollars every year for my son or daughter to "get a degree to get a job," this study might get my knickers in a twist. What's going on here?

The study's introduction spells it out: "The findings showed that many hiring decision-makers believe that the post-secondary education system could do a better job preparing students for the workplace." According to the Chronicle of Higher Education, as reported in LinkedIn headlines, "The group surveyed more than 1,000 employers in various industries last month about whether job applicants possess the skills to thrive in the workplace. More than half of employers said finding qualified applicants is difficult, and just under half thought students should receive specific workplace training rather than a more broad-based education."

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