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One of my best friends and I are always debating our favorite topics, one of which is baseball. He knows far more than I do about it, but now and then I come across some arcane fact, statistic, or anecdote and I love to taunt him with it. For example, Mickey Mantle was my childhood sports hero and to this day the story of his life and career still mesmerizes me.

Anyway, I was cruising YouTube one day and happened across an old black-and-white video of The Mick hitting the home run that put him ahead of Jimmy Foxx on the all-time homer list. It was a considerable accomplishment and I was thrilled to find a video record of that moment. Detroit Tiger pitcher Denny McClain was sympathetic to Mantle's imposing late-career physical ailments and wanted to "help" him move ahead of Foxx. Here's one account of how that went:

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