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College Interview Advice for Quiet Daughter

Question: My daughter has fallen in love with College XYZ and will have an evaluative interview later this summer. She is a bright girl and she does well meeting someone for the first time, but honestly she feels she lacks "Wow" power. She is quiet but not shy. It's a shame that you almost feel you need to make a lasting impression for these evaluative meetings. Should she role play and rehearse for this interview or just be herself? Any other tips for preparing for the interview would be appreciated.

Below you'll find some generic interview tips that I give to my college counseling advisees. Your daughter may feel more confident about her interview if she reviews them beforehand. Above all, assure her that it's pretty hard to screw up a college interview. Of course, some students get flummoxed and may not show off their best side, but only rarely is an interview a real deal breaker. In fact, the more selective the college, the less important the interview usually is. That's not gospel truth across the board, but overall it's a pretty reliable rule of thumb. So if your daughter's dream college is one of those hyper-selective places like an Ivy, then it's almost impossible for her to torpedo her chances with a so-so interview.

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