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College Grads' Starting Salaries Down 10%

When our son graduated from college back in 1999, he had a basket full of extremely attractive job offers. In fact, the real problem was deciding which city he wanted to live in. The offers were mainly the same as far as money and perks went. Of course, this was at the height of the dot-com bubble and our son was a combo computer-electrical engineer, so the good times were rolling. It was an exciting time for college grads. What a difference a decade or so makes.

The statistics today aren't nearly so cheery. As a story in com states, "To the graduating class of 2012: All that money you or your parents have spent or borrowed to pay your tuition for the past few years? It's not getting the same return on investment it did a decade ago." That's quite unfortunate because of the quadruple whammy of recession's effect on job availability, a decade's worth of inflation since the dot-com bubble, skyrocketing college costs, and the downturn in starting salaries. When you add up the cumulative effect of these four factors, you get a rather grim prospectus.

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