Preparing for College

College Education vs. Artificial Intelligence

A few weeks ago, I updated the operating system of my iMac. As usual, I was several generations behind in making my updates. I think my “Mountain Lion” OS was at least three generations old, and its browser, Safari, was starting to be rejected by a number of sites that I visited. So, when I got word of the new “Sierra” OS update, I marked my calendar and waited impatiently.

The big day came and I set aside a full afternoon to make the download. All went well but it took a long time. That was due to both the size of the update and the not-world-class speed of my Internet connection. I was just happy that nothing got hung up midway into the download. I’ve had that happen before and it causes all sorts of angst and computer issues, especially for techno-idiots such as yours truly here.

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