Are College Dorm Rooms Air-Conditioned?

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Question: Do college dorms usually have air-conditioning? I have a really hard time sleeping in a hot room, and I will be starting college in Sept. 2019 so I'm wondering what I am going to do if my dorm room is too hot. Even if I go to college in New England (which is likely) there will still be some extremely warm days in the late summer and fall. If I can't sleep, I'm afraid I'll get off to a bad start in college.

Once again, “The Dean" must default to an unfulfilling “it depends" response. Colleges and universities in the warmest climates typically have central air-conditioning in all of the student residences (and it may or may not work well). Most colleges in cooler regions have no AC or some AC in dorm rooms (commonly in the newer buildings but not the older ones). Thus, the answer is going to vary widely from school to school, but here are some steps you can take in the months just ahead:

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