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College Discounts for Twins?

Question: I have identical twins in 11th grade that want to attend the same college. Are there universities in the Northeast that offer a discount for 2 talented, top 10 of 800+ graduating class. We have 1 Sophomore in college and 2 others under 10. Annual income is 65-70 and don't want to shortchange their options and risk saving for retirement.

There are some colleges and civic organizations that advertise special deals for twins. (See ) But I don't think that any of the twin scholarships in the Northeast will offer what you seek (e.g., George Washington U. has a half-off deal for a second child when parents pay full freight for the first but you'll be eligible for a lot of need-based aid and shouldn't have to pay the total cost of either tuition; Wilson College in PA offers a scholarship of 45% tuition when both twins enroll. But this small, struggling, newly coed school probably isn't a great fit for your top-decile children).

Thus, “The Dean" advises you to look for a college that meets full need for all applicants with minimal loans and/or one that is likely to lure top recruits with merit aid, regardless of whether or not they show up with a sibling in tow. Given your situation (one child already in college; two strong students about to go; a couple more waiting in the wings) and a low (by college-tuition standards) household income, the “identical twins" factor should not loom large in your college search. More critical will be finding a place that both your current 11th graders will love that is also financially stable … and generous. Because your twins are excellent students, there should be many options that fill the bill.

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