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There has been a nice convergence of circumstances. First, this is my 500th Admit This! post. A milestone of sorts for me. Second, Eric Hoover of The Chronicle of Higher Education has posted a long, informative, and sometimes amusing article, profile really, about the history, development, and state of the art of College Confidential. In “College Confidential: a Field Guide,” Hoover covers much of the college-angst specter that is so prevalent among high schoolers and families today and how that has fed CC’s wild popularity. He also reveals some CC backstory, of which I’m proud to be a part. Perhaps the most impressive information he reveals is this:Nevertheless, College Confidential is more popular than ever among prospective students and their parents. In March the number of visitors was up 31 percent from the year before. From April 2012 to this March, it attracted nearly 44 million visitors, receiving more than 281 million page views. Its hundreds of active forums are testaments to the appeal of crowdsourcing and citizen-experts. Year after year, the site informs how families all over the world talk about college admissions.

Speaking of those hundreds of forums, I just posted this thread on the CC forum: The CC Forum: 1,221,385 Topics (And Counting). That’s a true number, one that has probably risen since my posting. It seems unlikely that with so many topics discussed, posters could come up with new ones. They do, though, and you can see examples of that in the comments in that thread’s comments.

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