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College at 15?

Question: I am a high school sophomore, but I am 12 right now. I will be attending college at 15. Will this help me or hurt me in the college admissions process? What can I do to prove I am mature enough to handle college? Academics will not be an issue, because I am at the top of my class and a great test-taker, but I am worried colleges will not feel I am old enough to handle living away from home.

Being only 15 when you head off to college may be both a liability and a plus. Yes, admission officials probably will scrutinize your application materials extra carefully to make sure that you can handle the social demands of college life. However, your exceptional academic abilities will also make you stand out, even in highly competitive applicant pools. If admission folks suspect that you are an exceptionally gifted student--one who is capable of great things in life--that will make you an attractive candidate, regardless of the number of candles on your birthday cake.

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