Your College Applications' Mid-Year Report

For high school seniors, the importance of keeping up academic focus the whole way through senior year is reflected in the Mid-Year Report (MYR), an important component of your college applications. What is the Mid-Year Report and why should you be aware of it as part of your college process?

Nancy Griesemer, writing in noted that “The Common Application recently issued a Facebook reminder to students and counselors that midyear reports need to be submitted as soon as first semester/trimester grades are available. … So, every New Year for high school seniors begins with an alert that this important submission needs to be tended." She goes on to explain that not all colleges require the MYR. “For those that do, however, there is good reason. With the surge in applications submitted this year and the relative comparability of credentials among applicants, the midyear report is taking on greater importance. It's no longer a “pro forma" document simply to be filed after admissions decisions are made."

If you're not plugged into Facebook, be aware of a caution issued by the Common Application:

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