College Application Advice for New Student from Brazil

Question: Hi, I'm from Brazil but will be moving to the US in september.(legally) I will be starting senior year there and was wondering what would change in the admission process for a college. I would be taking the SATs just like any other student. I was wondering how they will evaluate my GPA given the fact that i would only have attended senior year in the US.

High schools have different policies when it comes to transcripts for transfer students. Sometimes school officials will attempt to convert past grades to the same system that their own high school uses and thus they create a new, combined transcript for the student as well as a new GPA. But, commonly, the transfer student will have two transcripts instead ... the one compiled at the initial school and then another one from the new school. So even if you won't be arriving in the US until the fall, you can contact your US high school now to ask how they will proceed. (At most—but not all US high schools—the guidance office will be staffed through the summer, but you are more likely to get the information you need if you act promptly.)

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