College Admissions: URMs vs. Asians

In case you’re not up on college admissions lingo, the term “URM” stands for Under-Represented Minorities. Of course, when one considers the issue of URM admissions, one usually segues into the highly volatile realm of Affirmative Action (AA).

The College Confidential discussion forum has a huge inventory of threads and highly heated discussions about AA. The content of comments range from deeply detailed court decision analyses to belligerent bigots who get banned by the moderators.

Anyway, I came across an article the other day that provides food for thought about another aspect of college admissions — the alleged discrimination toward Asian applicants. I use the modifier “alleged” because it is possible to cite statistics that tend to counter such discriminatory claims. Many of these claims of Asian discrimination occur at the highest levels of applicant pool competition. That would be, naturally, the Ivy League and the other so-called Top-25 institutions.

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