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College Admissions Pay-Off for Telluride Particpation?

Question: Does the Telluride Association Program for Juniors (TASP) really pay dividends in the application process? In other words, do top schools actively recruit TASP students, or is it their academic abilities that set them apart?

Spotting Telluride on an application almost always puts a gleam in admission officials' eyes. While there are certainly plenty of other summer activities that wow admission folks--especially endeavors that are creative or unique--Telluride does stand apart from many of the other organized programs. Unlike those that purport to be by-invitation-only "honors" but send mailings to the masses, TASP really does cater to the best and brightest juniors and provides a challenging academic experience. Even so-called "selective" summer sessions on elite college campuses often set the admissions bar far lower than the host college ordinarily does for its aspiring freshmen. Telluride, on the other hand, turns away many outstanding applicants. So those who do make the final cut are likely to get special attention in admission offices when it's time to apply to college.

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