College Admissions: Now What?

High school seniors and their parents have just completed what is charitably known as “the college process." For some students (and parents), depending on the general level of angst, this process may have started with pre-school, kindergarten, or during the elementary school years. Yes, that's how intense and long-term the college process can be for some.

It can also be ridiculously competitive. I just posted a thread on the College Confidential discussion forum entitled Stanford dean: School's ultra-low admit rate not something to boast about. I quote from the article:

“… Dean of admission and financial aid at Stanford since September 2005, Shaw said he understands the public fascination with a measure of selectivity that now stands at 4.7 percent, lowest in the nation among prominent colleges and universities. That means the private university in Northern California turns down slightly more than 19 out of every 20 applicants. But Shaw didn't advertise that fact on March 25 when he announced the entering fall class." …

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