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College Admissions Mythology

In most areas of life, common wisdom can be a dangerous thing. One area where the damage can be acute is in college admissions. Many high school students (and many of their parents) depend on peer advice to make crucial decisions about applying to and getting into college. Garnering wisdom from friends and even family isn't always a bad idea, but when the stakes can run as high as $50,000+ per year, accuracy and currency of data are paramount.

Things today are light years removed from my high school era (back when the earth was still cooling, as I frequently say). Back then, the majority of high school seniors had to depend on school "counselors" (using that term very loosely here) who may have also been tasked with policing attendance and truancy. That was the case for me. I never sat down with my so-called "college advisor" one time during my senior year, or any other year for that matter. He was in charge of chasing truants and was also the assistant boys basketball coach. He hardly had a moment to ponder a sane approach for his college-applicant charges.

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