College Admissions for Students at "Therapeutic" School?

Question: How do colleges view students who graduate from a therapeutic school?

"Therapeutic schools" are for students with a range of special needs. These include behavioral problems, ADD, ADHD, bipolar disorder, substance abuse, eating disorders, etc. So, for starters, all grads of such institutions are not lumped together. For instance, a student with ADD who has responded well to medication and who has performed successfully academically after treatment will not be viewed the same way as another student whose behavior problems or drug addiction seem to come and go. Thus, above all, admission officials will be looking for evidence that whatever problems led an applicant to the therapeutic environment are sufficiently under check that he or she can handle the more independent, more stressful academic and social demands of college life. And this isn't always easy to discern. Moreover, in this post-Virginia-Tech-tragedy era, colleges are increasingly careful about trying to screen out students who might pose a danger to others, not just those who may struggle themselves.

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