College Admission for Student with No Foreign Language Classes

Question: When I was in 9th grade, I had a rough year, earning mostly C's and D's, and was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. My school and I ruled that taking a language freshman year played a major part in my low grades, and I avoided languages ever since. I have since earned mostly high A's and B's, but now that I am a junior looking at colleges, I am concerned that not taking a language for the majority of high school (save the freshman year incidents) could hurt my chances greatly, despite my G.P.A. increase. How can I make the best of my situation?

There are some colleges that do not require a foreign language. Here is a list that you can review, but make sure that you double-check with any colleges you are considering to be sure that this information is accurate. This list is almost a decade old and I don't have a newer one in my files.'s also likely that the list isn't complete, so don't give up on a college just because you don't see it on this roster.

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