College Admission Results: A Plan B

This time every year, Regular Decision college admission decisions begin to emerge. Early Decision (ED), ED II, and Early Action results have already been issued. Spring decisions are the most numerous and can cause the most anxiety because of their proximity to the May 1 enrollment deadline. My point in this post is to make you aware of a Plan B, just in case your best laid college application plans take a major turn south.

There is always a possibility that things might not turn out as expected for you. For example, if you didn't allow for the increasing competitiveness of the higher-ranked schools, you may have applied to too many “reach" schools and got shut out. On the other hand, maybe you had good acceptance success but your financial aid packages were either deficient or loaded with too many loans (or both).

Well, there's still hope for those of you who may be sweating it out over the next month or so: The National Association for College Admission Counseling's (NACAC's) College Openings Update: Space, Financial Aid and Housing Still Available For Fall 2014. This information is from last year because the list of still-remaining openings hasn't been issued yet. I wanted to alert you to this resource so that you'll be able to access it quickly, in case of your need for a fast Plan B.

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