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College Admission Resources on the Web

Granted, I'm prejudiced. I believe that College Confidential and College View are two of the very best college admission-related Web sites available. However, there are some other excellent resources for those of you high schoolers and parents who are looking for the widest possible pool of information regarding the whole, sometimes confusing, college process.

For example, take the New York Times' "The Choice" education blog. Its tagline is "Demystifying College Admissions and Aid." The latest installment is "Guidance Office: Advice to High School Juniors, Part 3." Here's a brief excerpt:

Q: Which is the best choice for the summer before senior year for a student who is in the top 20 percent of the class at a good private school (taken good amount of AP and honors classes), 4.3 GPA, excellent extracurriculars including editor-in-chief of the newspaper next year and state track champion… but weak SAT scores, especially in math:

1. Journalism internship with local newspaper, for 12 weeks

2. College classes at local private college, not top tier but O.K.

3. Two-week non-college credit workshop at Emory

4. Lots of private tutoring to retake the SAT in the fall (3 & 4 would likely be done together)

5. Part-time job plus lots of volunteer work at a local hospital

High school guidance counselor Robert Bardwell then goes on to answer that question. It's just like my own College Knowledge Q&As here on Admit This!. One can never have too many answers to the seemingly endless list of college process questions, so be sure to check out The Choice blog to sharpen your college knowledge.

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