College for 2015 Grad On her Own

Question: If I graduated with the class of 2015 and didn't apply to college or take the SAT what can I do if I want to apply for college now? Would I have to do my fafsa this January? I have been living on my own, would I still need my parents information? Where can I find more help?

Deadlines are quickly approaching for September 2016 admission. So if you haven't yet applied to any colleges or taken the SAT, your options will be limited. You can still go to college next fall, if that's what your aim is, but you will have to restrict your list to test-optional colleges and hustle to meet deadlines.

Yes, there are many colleges–usually the less selective ones–that accept applications all the way through the summer. Some of these colleges will also be test-optional, or their late deadlines will allow you to take the SAT or ACT this winter and still get your scores in plenty of time to apply.

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