Does Your Child Meet Your "Text-pectations"?

Question: My son goes to college 1,000 miles from home. I try not to bother him excessively but it still annoys me and even hurts me that he doesn't answer at least half my texts although I know that he is very busy (and happy). I've talked to some parents who say that this is perfectly normal and that he's just doing what he's supposed to be doing to loosen the apron strings. But other parents tell me that he's being rude and irresponsible and that I should insist that he answer ALL texts from his mother or father at soon as he is able. They say “Really, how long does it take to bang out just a few words?" Do you think that I'm being overbearing if I suggest this?

“The Dean" came of age in the one-rotary-phone-per-family era (which did evolve into a pink-Princess phone-in-the-bedroom by the end of high school) so I haven't entirely made my peace with conducting “conversations" that involve no actual conversing. Yet, like you, I have a son at college far away, so I've found that texting is often the best method of contacting him. But, also like you, I can get frustrated or worried (or irked) when I receive no response.

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