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Check Out College Cuisine When Visiting

My colleague, Sally Rubenstone, just returned from an extended college-visit trip with her high school junior son and husband. Their venture took them through Louisiana and Texas. While I'm sure that these experienced travelers and college-knowledgeable people were careful to note a number of details about the schools they visited, I'm still waiting for a report from them about the quality of food they encountered at the campuses they visited.

Sometimes college visits don't include a proper evaluation of the colleges' dining halls' excellence or lack thereof. The important thing to remember is that during the nine months per year that college students spend on campus (assuming that they are residential students), a significant portion of their general happiness (whether or not they're aware of it) will come from their satisfaction with the quality of the food that is available to them.

This is an important issue, so much so that a quick Google check for “best college food" will bring you a large selection of links reporting various lists of which colleges dish out the tastiest meals. For example, can tell you about their selections for the 60 best colleges for food. There you'll find their latest Tasty Top-10 (in David Letterman order):

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