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Cheating on Standardized Tests

We're hearing a lot these days about academic cheating, both on the high school and college level. Even the United States military academies have had more than their share of embarrassing scandals. The Ivy League has not been immune either. Harvard University has been plagued with cheaters. Of course, one of the most high-profile areas for cheating is standardized tests.

In thinking back across my days (a.k.a. daze) in school, I recall some of the more ingenious cheating methods used by kids I knew. One intrepid student managed to get a copy of his junior year English final. He then figured out answers to all the questions and transcribed those answers onto a very small piece of paper, which he inserted into the transparent plastic barrel of a ballpoint pen that he had. Granted, it must have taken eagle eyes to read those tiny letters, but he somehow managed to do it.

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