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Cheating on The SAT and ACT

I'm willing to bet that many of you high school students out there reading this blog know someone (or have heard of someone) who has cheated on the SAT or ACT. The unfortunate reality today is that academic cheating has reached an all-time high. News stories of mass cheating at such schools as Harvard and even the U.S. service academies have rocked our faith in the younger generation.

When I was in high school, shortly after the earth had finished cooling, cheating involved straightforward methods such as stealing exam copies from teachers' "closets." I knew one senior who, after receiving all the answers to an English exam, carefully wrote all the letter answers to the 20 multiple-choice questions onto a tiny piece of paper, which he then meticulously inserted into the clear barrel of the ballpoint pen he would use for the test. I heard that he got a 95% on the exam. When I asked why a 95 and not a perfect 100, the friend of the cheater to whom I was talking told me that the cheater's logic dictated that a 95 was more believable than a 100, especially for him.

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