Changing Penn State Campus Choice Post-Admission

Question: My son was accepted at Penn State Berks. (This was his second choice; his first was University Park.) Unfortunately, there is no longer any on-campus housing available at Berks. We've searched the Penn State Web site trying to find out if he can now apply to Penn State Altoona (which was his third choice), where there is still on-campus housing available, but we cannot find any information. Do you have any thoughts or information that can help us?

I empathize with your frustration. I, too, have spent many hours combing countless Web sites in search of very basic information. Often I eventually end up doing what I should have done in the first place ... taking a more old-fashioned approach and simply picking up the phone.

In THIS case, that's what you should do, too. Call the Penn State Altoona admissions office (814-949-5466 or 800-848-9843). Tell the admission folks the same thing that you told us. In fact, I already called on your behalf and learned that it's likely that your son can make this switch, but they need specific information that I could not provide (i.e, his name, his choice of major, and his academic profile).

So call them ASAP. Don't delay since you don't want to lose out on housing in Altoona, as well. And, in the future, don't hesitate to call admission offices if the information you find on the Web is confusing ... or if you find that you can't find it at all. :-)

Good luck!