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Chances at HYP?

Question: I attend a VERY competetive public school with difficult entrance requirements. As such, my class ranking is not as high as it might be at another school. I am ranked 17th in a class of 93. I am trying to get accepted into Harvard, Princeton, or Yale, and am wondering how this will affect my chances at admission. I scored 1440 on the SAT, and on my SAT IIs I scored 800 Math IC, 720 Writing and 670 Physics. I'm also Students' Union Pres, and finished 2nd at the National Speech and Debate Championships, earning a place to represent Canada in South Africa at the Worlds. Is this good enough for the ivy league, or am I dreaming? All of my courses except one are IB.

Your profile sketch is certainly in the ballpark for accepted students at HYP. However, because there are so many other variables, it's extremely hard to predict who will get in and who won't. This is known as the "elite crapshoot."

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