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CEGEP for US Applicant to McGill?

Question: I'm very interested in going to McGill University in Canada. I was born in Quebec but I actually live in the States... My question is do I need to do CEGEP to get into McGill after graduating from high school if I wanna go to McGill? And what are the requirements to get in?? Thank you for your help and time...

Are you an American citizen or do you have Canadian citizenship?

In either case, since you attend a US high school, you can follow the instructions on the McGill Web site for "international applicants" from the US. You will see that the CEGEP is NOT required. However, you WILL need scores from the ACT or from the SAT I + 2 Subject Tests. See for more information.

Coincidentally, I was just at McGill on Monday. It is a great university in a wonderful city (especially in July, when no scarves and face masks are required ;) ), but it's not for the faint of heart. Canadian universities don't "spoon feed" their students the way that many U.S. colleges do. So McGill is well suited to hearty souls who consider themselves independent and who are comfortable advocating for themselves as needed.

Hope that helps ... and bonne chance! (And, yes, even though McGill is an English-speaking university, a working knowledge of French is a big plus as you navigate Montreal).

(posted 7/18/2012)