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Catholic School vs. Public School?

Question: My wife and I have a difference of opinion concerning our son's high school education. He is now a sophomore enrolled in the A.P. program at a parochial high school. Our question boils down to this: parochial vs. public high school? His current school is known for having a rigorous curriculum. Not everyone is accepted into this high school. My wife feels that a 3.5 GPA from this school is no different than a 3.5 average from any other public high school honors/AP program. Am I only fooling myself thinking that my son is getting a better education because he is going to this type of school? Will the name of the high school he attends make a bit of difference when applying to college?

It’s hard to answer your question without knowing a lot more about the specific schools involved. That is, there are some very good, well-regarded parochial schools, and, likewise, some public counterparts that can hold their own with even the tip-top prep schools.

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