Can We Appeal A College Rejection?


My daughter just found out she was rejected from her top-choice school (a large Midwestern state school) and she is devastated. Is there a way to appeal the decision, and if so, should I do it or should she? I am thinking of calling the admissions department and asking whether there's anything we can do to get them to reconsider.

Sorry to hear about your daughter's bad news. But — as a parent myself — I can assure you that, as devastated as she is, it's you who probably feels worse. So I understand that you want to do all you can to appeal the decision. Some colleges officially accept appeals and some don't. But even in the latter case, your daughter can still take a shot. Note, however, that — whether the school offers an appeals process or not — your daughter's odds are extremely slim ... and if your daughter is an out-of-state applicant and/or if the university is highly selective, then the slimmer they become.

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